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Exercise Physiology!

Did you know that exercise is the best evidence-based treatment for most bone, joint and muscular problems?


Passion to Progress

I wanted to find a job where I was doing a good thing; taking on things at a worldwide level was a bit daunting, but I thought at an individual level it was more achievable. So, I was interested in how I could make a positive impact on people’s lives and therefore I was always drawn to health. I had always been interested in physical health, exercise and sport. I studied and developed my knowledge, and my passion grew and grew and so did my skillset of what I had to offer people to improve their health.


Exercise is good for us, but when prescribed by a qualified professional it becomes even better!

If you could do something today that will improve your tomorrow and you had help to do it, would you?

An Exercise Physiologist is the expert in providing individualised exercise, specific to the conditions someone has, to best treat their condition and improve their health. Exercise Physiologists monitor many parameters to ensure exercise is done safely, correctly and for Maximin benefit. Exercise Physiologists are trained to help you foster your motivation and to give you strategies to start, maintain and build your exercise habits. I also have extensive training and experience in high performance strength and conditioning and how best to train athletes to minimise injury risk and maximise performance.

What do we treat?

Injury Rehabilitation

Long term bone, joint and muscle injuries

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Heart disease, hypertension, stroke, respiratory conditions and cardiovascular function

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

 Joint replacements, joint surgeries, and arthroscopies.

Neurological Rehabilitation

 Stroke, cerebral palsy, dementia, parkinsons and spinal cord injuries

Chronic and Complex Conditions Rehabilitation

Cancer, diabetes, falls prevention, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue

Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, and psychosis

High Performance Strength and Conditioning

Return to sport following an injury, movement screening, lifting technique, programming, and coaching

Health and Fitness Training

Goal setting, technique correction, exercise prescription and coaching

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